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Bonsaviour "Super April"
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Hi NickI hope you’re all well?
I just wanted to update you on Bella’s 3rd birthday- she was born to Millie and Marley in 2020! 
Bella is the most lovely, affectionate, generally calm! and intelligent dog. She has a lovely personality and we just adore her! She’s in great health, still on a raw diet and her favourite things are sticks and swimming! 
Some recent pictures of her attached- I think she is like Millie but also Marley! 
Very best wishesJulia and Alan 

Bella Dog
Bella Retriever
Muddy Bella Dog
Beautiful Bella
Belle Marley Belle Retriever our Belle Marley Happy Marley on the prowl Marley with a stick Marley strutting My Bonnie RIP Marley with a bone Marley guarding a bone puppies on a chair Belles 1st litter Puppy Marley Bonnie never forgotten Goldie with big stick Golden Retriever Kadie young marley Marley laughing Puppy Belle Puppy bath puppy bath time Puppy having a bath Willow running Hopper Hoppers Birthday Goldie having a dog nap