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TOP 15 UK Dog trainers

Welcoming a furry friend into your life is a gift, but it can bring along some hurdles if your dog struggles with canine manners. In order for most dogs to be a positive addition to your home, many dog owners have to seek professional help in basic canine obedience.
In order to assist you in your search for the best trainer for your pup, we’ll dive into the 15 best dog trainers in the UK.
Dog Trainers

Big Dog Fellas

Using a balanced approach with realistic and proven results, Mudge has changed the lives of many dog owners over the years, with a real focus on, but not limited to the following: Behaviour Modification, Obedience, Good Manners, Building Better Relationships.

We offer a very exclusive board and train programme and offer private sessions for those that don’t require boarding. Although we’re located in Bradford (UK), we serve nationally, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to take a look at some of our awards.

Top Barks Dog Training

Top Barks Dog Training in Huntington, England offers kind, fair, and effective training for the dogs and owners of England. They’ve been catering to the troubled pups in the area since 2006, and offer fun and reward based training that your dog will enjoy. With recommendations from several vets in the area, you know they offer quality dog training that will change your pup’s life.

The owner of Top Bark, Mark Anderson, offers positive training that is tailored to fit each specific canine. This facility offers puppy training, basic canine obedience, potty training, leash training, and even more specialized training for dogs that struggle with serious behavioral problems.

To get more information on pricing and to schedule your first consult, you can contact them here.

Joyful Paws

Joyful paws in Coventry, England believes in teaching you how to “Be More Dog.” Their training methods focus on helping you understand your furry friend, and to really get up to speed on how the canine mind works. Their one on one training in the comfort of your home helps to understand your dog’s daily life, and implement a training routine that best fits their life.

Their training starts at 30 pounds an hour, and can address any of your basic obedience struggles. They specialize in puppy training, basic commands, leash training, and more. They guarantee that you will see results after the first session, and will surely be pleased with the end results.

To schedule your first lesson, you can contact them here.

Have A Good Dog

Have A Good Dog in Durham is designed with you and your dog’s comfort in mind. Their mission revolves around the idea that your dog should thoroughly enjoy their training, and creates a training program that your pup will love. Have A Good Dog also believes that you should not only understand the behavior, but that you should understand why your dog does the things they do. With this approach you are able to get on your dog’s level to achieve obedience in your home.

Their impressive life skills course helps to address each of the common obedience problems your dog may experience throughout their life. This program gives you the skills you need to approach these issues, and handle them with ease.

To schedule a consult with the team at Have A Good Dog, you can contact them here.

Positive 4 Paws Dog Training

Positive 4 Paws Dog Training in Hampshire, England offers positive and empowering training that will help your dog reach ultimate obedience. They want to give your furry friend the necessary tools to help them through life, and help them understand what it means to be an obedient and well behaved pup. Their training is not only about supporting your dog, but supporting you as well. They want to help you have the best possible relationship with your canine companion.

They offer one on one training, group classes, and training sessions for dogs that are a bit too nervous around other dogs. Each of these programs can target an array of obedience struggles, and can help your pup work through any of their behavioral issues.

To schedule your first lesson, you can contact them here.

Bark Busters Dog Training

Bark Busters Home Training in London, England specializes in home dog training for virtually any obedience struggle. With their any breed, any age policy they are able to help your dog with obedience problems of all kinds, and help them become the well mannered pup of your dreams.

They offer basic obedience training, command training, puppy training, leash training, and even potty training. By coming to your home they’re able to train your pup in a comfortable environment, and help target the areas they may struggle in each day.

To schedule your first lesson, you can contact them here.

Oli Juste Dog Training & Behavior

Oli Juste Dog Training in London, England provides modern and positive training to help your pup reach obedience. Oli simply helps you to better understand your dog so you can easily teach them the manners that you need inside of your home. Oli wants to not only help you teach your pup basic obedience, but also get the most out of your relationship with your canine friend.

They offer pre-puppy packs, puppy training packs, basic commands, 1 on 1 training, and even serious behavioral problems. Their pre-puppy and pre-dog packs are one of a kind, as not many training facilities offer this service. These courses are designed to teach the parents how to properly welcome a new pet into their home, and the tools to implement in their training from the start. With a unique program like this, you know they have something special to bring to the table.

To schedule your first lesson, you can contact them here.

Off Leash K9 Training London

Off Leash K9 Training in London is a part of a worldwide dog training organization that offers their dog training expertise to owners around the globe. They are rated the best dog training company in London, and have extensive experience in every area of canine obedience. Their one on one training sessions in your home can help your pup through issues involving, basic commands, leash training, puppy training, social struggles, and even serious behavioral problems if needed.

To schedule your first lesson, you can contact them here.

Northwest UK Dog Training

Northwest UK Dog Training in Manchester, England offers their dog training skills to all types of dogs. While they are known for their skills in training working dogs, they also offer canine obedience training for the average house dog and owner. They offer one on one training, group classes, workshops, and even drop off day training to help your pup with basic manners and training. And since they are skilled in working and agility dogs, you may even consider specialized training once your pup has reached obedience.

To schedule your first consult, you can contact them here.


Down Dog UK in Kircubbin, Northern Ireland believe in not only training your dog, but training you as well. They want to help you build a lasting bond throughout the training process, and help you understand the reasons behind your dog’s behavior. Down Dog has been helping dogs in the UK since 2008, and take pride in their ability to help dogs become obedient members of the family.

Whether you need to potty train your puppy, teach basic commands, teach your dog how to walk on a leash, or any other hurdle in canine obedience, Down Dog can help. They have 2 personal training packages ranging from 239-399 pounds, but will range based on how many lessons your dog requires.

To schedule your first lesson, you can contact them here.

Dog Sense

Dog Sense in Paisley, Scotland wants to give your dog the best foundation possible for a well behaved life. With 25 years of experience in canine obedience training, Andrew has what it takes to help your pup learn the importance of manners within your home. They believe in giving you and your dog the tools they need to be an enjoyable member of your family, and giving you tips to continue to instill obedience in your home going forward.

They offer positive reinforcement style training in the areas of puppy training, obedience training, leash training, and more. To get more information on pricing, you can contact them here.

The UK Dog Whisperer

The UK Dog Whisperer tends to the dogs and owners in the Essex area. Glen Stanford, the UK Dog Whisperer, uses his knowledge on canine psychology to help your pup reach their behavioral goals. No matter the area that your pup needs assistance in, he’s got you covered.

Glen Stanford believes in creating a calm and positive training environment for every single dog. By coming to your home to offer his assistance he’s able to understand the environment in which your dog lives and tailor his training around each dog. The UK Dog Whisperer believes nothing is impossible when it comes to canine obedience, so your furry friend can do anything with him on their side.

To get more information on pricing and scheduling, you can contact them here.

Karen’s Dog Training

Karen’s Dog Training caters to the dogs and dog owners in Central Scotland. Their personalized private training helps to bring lasting results, and offers a training program that you and your dog will love. With offering their assistance in your home, the park, or any other area that your dog frequents, they can give them the tools they need to continue their path to obedience.

They offer puppy classes, adolescent classes, and behavioral lessons for dogs of each age range. During these private lessons they can target specific areas that your dog struggles in, and will work with you to give your pup the help they need.

To get more information on any of their obedience training packages, you can contact them here.

Pet Behavior Scotland

Pet Behaviour Scotland in Airdrie, Scotland can meet all of your obedience training needs. With helping both dogs and cats, they truly have a well rounded understanding of animal behavior and common obedience struggles in the home. Their overall aim is to create a happy dog throughout their training, and give you the well behaved dog you’ve always wanted.

They offer a puppy package, group socialization, group classes, private training, and in home assessment if needed. With such a wide range of training packages, your dog has everything they need to receive a program that works for them.

To get more information on their training packages, you can contact them here.


The obedient dog that you’ve always wanted is just a simple phone call away. If you are looking for a qualified dog trainer in the UK, any of the above trainers have what it takes to help you and your dog reach your goals.


All content and information on this website including this post is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice of any kind. Please do you own due diligence and consult a professional in your area prior to making any pet-related decisions.