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Reservations are Available

Current Prices: £3000 / Puppy Reservation  DEPOSIT £300. Prices reflect years of investment of time and cost to achieve our fantastic Bonsaviour bloodlines.       Contact us early to reserve your new Puppy! 

Please note: we DO NOT provide puppies at Christmas Time.

Please contact us on the form below

We will require some information on the puppy's proposed home life/ routine and an assurance that puppy will be well cared for/ not left alone in the first few months and that you have the "time" to raise a puppy with a suitable enclosed garden area.

Only permanent loving homes will be considered

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy. We expect our puppies to receive the highest standard of care throughout their lives and live in a happy, secure, stimulating and permanent home.

Our dogs live in our home as part of our family

And this is what we will expect for our puppies. Reserving a puppy from planned litters is recommended. All timings are approximate and are subject to change.

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